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Monday, September 27, 2010

Post #1

Alright........ First off this blog will be about anything and everything I, and the people around me find interesting; music, sports, computers, weather, bad drivers, etc. etc.

Bit of some background I have a BSc IT and I specialized in Information Security Systems.  I love sports; football, basketball, soccer, basically have a tv set on ESPN 24/7.  I love computers; fixing them, building them, upgrading them etc. etc.  I love games, both pc and console; fps, mmo, rpg, strategy, action/adv. Finally I listen to music every chance I get.... I'm open to all music but mainly dislike country (except Garth Brooks' cd "Thunder Rolls", only country cd I've ever enjoyed.)

Hopefully you enjoy the same things as me and will keep coming back and visiting my blog.

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