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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Post #13 Flu shots

Look I've never had a flu shot... even with the H1N1 scare.  I'm curious is to how many of you have actually had the flu shot.  My wife has had the flu 2 yrs in a row, and has been sick for 3 days max, and I'm yet to be sick.  Conspiracy theorists will run a muck on this one...... but after not having been sick with the flu since a child and never having a flu shot, I'm beginning to wonder if this is just a ruse to get people to spend money on health care?!?! What do you think??

So H1N1is the most deadly atm, there is no denying that.  However, it doesn't seem that H1N1 isn't anymore deadly than the older strain of virus from the 1930's....

My own conclusion:  H1N1 has a higher mortality rate among those that catch the virus (especially children and elderly).  However, the % of people that catch the disease hasn't changed much in the past 50-75 yrs.  If you're not a child and/or elderly you can probably get through the flu season (even if you catch the virus) just like any other season (but its recommended to receive the anti virus).  Take your vitamins, drink lots of juice, stay away from the sickies, and eat some chicken noodle soup if you do get sick.  Otherwise, I don't see a need for a panic, I feel the same this year as I did the last 20 years. 

Every year since the H1N1 scare you are going to hear about how you should get their flu shot.  If you work in health care, in a hospital around a bunch of people infected with influenza, then I would recommend getting the shot. 
If you are a regular ol' joe like me; occasionally drink your juice maybe take a vitamin every now and then, are in your 20-55 range, work out from time to time, then I wouldn't worry about a thing.  Even if you get sick, do what your mama taught ya and you will be fine within a few days.  Same old same old, I find that the current scare is just a way to make some extra cash. 

In saying this.. I'm not a doctor, and in now way am qualified to make a medical decision that could affect your life, make your own decision.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Post #12 Alcolholics drink up

I ran across this post a week or two ago... I love to drink, mainly b/c my position will not allow anything else.  I've always wanted a "one stop shop" post for any type of drink.  Well here is what I've found, hope you like. :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Post #11 Are these people stupid? Yes, yes they are.....

Pastor Fred Phelps and several members of the Westboro Baptist Church will be discussing their case before the Supreme Court, in which they'll be arguing for their right to picket at military funerals with the message that soldier deaths are divine punishment for America's tolerance of homosexuality.  Their reason they believe they can do this is their right to "free speech".
First off these morons don't even realize that the only reason they have these "free speech" rights is because of the people risking their lives to protect the country.  Stories like this make me sick and angry. 

I'm sorry, and people don't take this the wrong way, but some of the worst hypocrites in the world are the ones that follow a specific type of religion. 

Take this in consideration with you today.... You are driving down the street and are behind someone with one of those Christian fish emblems on the back of their car.  Then possibly right next to that fish they have a bumper sticker "my son/daughter is an honor student" or possibly a magnet promoting their favorite sports team.  Do they not realize that one of the seven deadly sins, and some believe to be the worst sin, is PRIDE??!?!  Take that sh*t down you hypocrites, or at least don't call yourself a Christian. 

Again, I apologize for any offensive things I might have said... and that's my rant for the day.  

Monday, October 4, 2010

Post #10 Two quick videos

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Alight the first video is of my favorite soccer (football) team AC Milan, who are based out of Italy.  The video is of a player, who anyone who watches soccer knows, named Andrea Pirlo.  He is known for his long distance goals, and makes it look EASY.  This game was just this past weekend. 

The second is the trailer of a movie I'm eagerly anticipating.  Its called Paranormal Activity 2.... If you haven't seen the first one, and like horror/thriller movies, I highly recommend it.  Have a great week!

Thanks to all who comment/follow!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Post #9 Something funny

Alright I ran across this in an email from a guy I used to work with.... if this offends anyone, I'm sorry.. but this is just plain funny.

This is a picture of Air Force 1... with a recent new flight number posted on the tail.

I'm not 100% sure if this is real or not, if I had to guess I would say it isn't... still funny though.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Post #9 Alien planet looks 'just right' for life

Look.... there are billions and billions of galaxies out there.   Basically you can consider it an infinite number of galaxies available to research.  I'm sure everyone has heard about the recent findings.  What does this mean for the individuals who didn't believe in ET life?? IMO means that they were wrong.  "My own personal feeling is that the chances of life on this planet are 100 percent," Steven Vogt, an astrophysicist at the University of California at Santa Cruz, told reporters today. "I have almost no doubt about it."  Its like winning the lottery... only the odds are in your favor.

This galaxy is only 20 light years away.  Meaning, in space terms, its close... really close.  "The fact that we were able to detect this planet so quickly and so nearby tells us that planets like this must be really common," Vogt said.  The newfound planet, known as Gliese 581g, is estimated to be 3.1 to 4.3 times as massive as Earth, and makes a complete circuit around its sun in just under 37 days. If the planet has a rocky composition like Earth's, it would be 1.2 to 1.4 times as wide as our own planet, qualifying it as a "super-Earth."
Basically if a planet like this can be found so close to our own galaxy the chances of another one being out there are pretty much 100%.  Meaning that one of them "has to have life similar to our own".

 They wont look like humans.... maybe with 3-? eyes ... or walk on 3 legs.   Either way take that majority of religions (sorry).  What I mean, isn't hateful, but lots of religions think of humans as the "only life in the universe".....if this is true, its big... really BIG.

Post #8 250 mph train in China!!

A new high-speed train linking Chinese cities Shanghai and Hangzhou has set a fresh world record for train speed at 416.6 kilometers an hour on its trial run on Tuesday. The train expects to cut the travel time by half to 40 minutes for covering a distance of 202 kilometers between the two cities at an average speed of 350 kilometers per hour. "The new record of 416.6 km per hour shows that China has achieved a new milestone in high-speed train technologies," Zhang Shuguang, deputy chief engineer of the Ministry of Railways, was quoted as saying.

416.6 (kilometers per hr) = 258.863239 mph!!

Post #7 Monkey against monkey violence - India

 Security officials at the Commonwealth Games aren't monkeying around anymore, deploying "langurs" at several venues in New Delhi to keep smaller simians from causing any trouble.  A langur is a type of monkey seen in the picture.  I foresee this becoming a possibly monkey riot ... lol.
In 2007, the deputy mayor of New Delhi was killed when he fell from his balcony during an attack by wild monkeys, while 25 other people were wounded when a monkey went on a rampage in the city.  You would think the people of India would think this over a little more before deploying monkey's to stop monkey violence. lol  sorry I just find this humorous. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Post #6 Texting while driving laws not helping

Read about a study determining if the "texting while driving laws" are actually helping or hurting.  The study was done in 4 states; California, Minnesota, Louisiana, and Washington.  The study actually found that crashes increased because of people hiding their phone in places where cops wouldn't be able to see, instead of keeping the phone up near their face where they could see the road and the phone.  This is funny to me because you hear people gripe and groan about people texting while driving.  While I think it is a problem, making a law preventing people from doing something they are probably going to do anyways, isn't the solution.  Read more here... 

Post #5 Gold vending machines

As the US economic woes continue unabated, a German company is bringing gold-bearing ATMs to mainstream America. The machines accept credit cards, and will dispense 1 gram, 5 gram, 10 gram and 1 ounce units, as well as various gold coins. The company hopes to install 35 bullion machines in the United States this year, and will hopefully have several hundred up and running by next year. The machines will be decorated like giant gold ingots and be over two meters tall. Physical gold has both pros and cons, but from a safety standpoint would it be fine to have a couple of ounces in your pocket while walking around the mall? The giant, gold-dispensing ATMs will monitor the market conditions for gold every 10 minutes in order to reflect spot price changes as they occur.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Post #4 GT5! for PS3

Finally... finally ... FINALLY

I'm not huge into racing games...However, I've been waiting for GT5 for PS3 FOREVER!!!!
finally a release date.. check this out
Release Date: November 4, 2010
MSRP: $59.99
Exclusively on: PlayStation 3

For god's sake hurry up and come out with this damn game!!! AHHHH... lulz.. :)
I'm sure this preview has been out for a bit ... .but it's the first I've heard of it.

ign link to preview

Post #3 "Global Warming doesn't exist"

High-pressure aloft is bringing searing heat to Southern California.

Los Angeles hit 113 degrees on Monday making it their hottest temperature ever recorded since records began in 1877.  This also beat the daily record high set in 1963 by seven degrees. 

Temperatures have only been 110 degrees or higher three other times in L.A.

I keep hearing of stories of record heat being broken this year..... people who say "Global Warming doesn't exist" are fucking retarded.  (regardless of the reason, i.e. natural global cycle or man made) 

Post #2 Twitter Hit With Second Worm In a Week

Here is the description of the first hit......"We're seeing lots of re-tweets on right now, all containing a fragment of JavaScript, which re-tweets itself when moused-over on the Twitter web interface. This could easily be muted into a more sinister attack, so it is recommended that you use a third party client application, or refrain from social media altogether until the problem is resolved."

Days after a site update unleashed a Twitter cross-site scripting attack, the micro-blogging site was again hit with a bug that spread via questionable links. The offending messages appeared on a user's Twitter feed with 'WTF:' followed by a link. If you clicked on that link, you were taken to a blank page, but behind the scenes, the worm would post vulgar messages on your account that discussed, well, "sex involving goats".

Post #1

Alright........ First off this blog will be about anything and everything I, and the people around me find interesting; music, sports, computers, weather, bad drivers, etc. etc.

Bit of some background I have a BSc IT and I specialized in Information Security Systems.  I love sports; football, basketball, soccer, basically have a tv set on ESPN 24/7.  I love computers; fixing them, building them, upgrading them etc. etc.  I love games, both pc and console; fps, mmo, rpg, strategy, action/adv. Finally I listen to music every chance I get.... I'm open to all music but mainly dislike country (except Garth Brooks' cd "Thunder Rolls", only country cd I've ever enjoyed.)

Hopefully you enjoy the same things as me and will keep coming back and visiting my blog.